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Garden vibes in a cup

Rendy is so proud to introduce you the Hasami ware and Sakusa series from Imari, Japan.  We call it ‘Garden vibes in a cup!’ Handsome porcelain with exquisite craftsmanship and hand-painted artwork, all show quality artisanship and unique Japanese aesthetics. Rendy thank Furukawatoujiki Japan greatly for giving us this opportunity to plant these fabulous products in the United Kingdom. Let’s bloom together.  Check out the Hasami ware and Sakusa series in 'Made in Japan' collection:-

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Count my blessing everyday

We believe many of us would forget what day is today when we stay home for a while.  In this time of uncertainty, we count the numbers of lockdown day as well as the blessings we have every day.  We work from home since day one and keep the online shop opens and delivers. We keep the business running and put all the safety measures into operation to ensure our working partners’ safety.   We launch some new products and bring in new sales channels.   As a small independent start-up, we treasure every single ticket, and we hope our little pieces would light up your lives at home.  Thank you for supporting us, be kind to us for the longer delivery...

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