Garden vibes in a cup

I like the spirit of gardening. 

I just like the idea of getting things done with my own hands.

From the seeds to the harvest,

From making plans in the beginning to getting the hands dirty. Constantly.

From sweating to sweating and watching the weather in between. 

The sky never promises you the blue sky! 

No matter what, keep working and then pray for the rest. 

It is a process of growth and hope. 

Sometimes you might think you are nurturing the garden (or just a pot of plant), but it’s you being nurtured at the end. 

May the gardening, or the plants and flowers give you hope and joy. 

Rendy is so proud to introduce you the Hasami ware and Sakusa series from Imari, Japan. 

We call it ‘Garden vibes in a cup!’

Handsome porcelain with exquisite craftsmanship and hand-painted artwork, all show quality artisanship and unique Japanese aesthetics.

Rendy thank Furukawatoujiki Japan greatly for giving us this opportunity to plant these fabulous products in the United Kingdom.

Let’s bloom together. 

Check out the Hasami ware and Sakusa series in 'Made in Japan' collection:-

P.S. my cat QQ serves as a little assistant in the garden. She is busy chasing the pigeon.