Today is the beginning of Rendy Shop UK and I'm so happy about it.  Allow me to share our joy with you all and tell you more about Rendy.  Florence and Wendy are the founders and we combine our names to create the brand and identity of Rendy.    

It's exciting to create something for our own.  We are not just starting our new business, but we also build a little home for joy and living. Life is not easy and the sky is not always blue...yet we are determined to make our lives more fun and enjoyable. This is the value we uphold. Rendy Shop UK is our online shop and we are thrilled to introduce you Joto ceramics.  This Taiwanese brand is strong in design and manufacturing handmade ceramic tableware.  We love the texture and character of handmade and we love the uniqueness of every single piece.  It's also our mission to bring the beauty of contemporary oriental style to you all...the design, the craftsmanship, the Asian aesthetics in a modern interpretation. 

Rendy shop UK is the beginning and the hub of Rendy.  We would go further from here.  You may notice there is a glassware icon in our logo.   Please join us to raise a glass for the opening of Rendy Shop UK.  Cheers!